Leader of the melancholic soul club, Mac Lloyd has honed his sound as a truly unique songwriter and producer. Having collaborated with the likes of Jman (Babylon Dead, Kaotik Kartel), Res One (Split Prophets, Dutch Mob), Lazy Eyes (Pupils Of The Clock) and more, Mac sticks out like a sore thumb in the hip hop scene. Why? Well, maybe because he's not even a hip hop artist, really. The sound he presents is in many ways idiosyncratic, fusing elements of jazz, soul, hip hop and electronic production to create a fresh and elevated take on its precursors.

For his debut music video 'Trapped', Mac Lloyd has teamed up

with renowned film makers This and That Media to create a stunning visual representation of the song that was filmed in the heart of Bristol city centre. At this point, Mac is working on his second release which looks to push the boundaries of his emotive, melancholic sound. 

Listen to It's Not All Bad, I Promise here. 

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